The Goddess Puja

The Art of Adoration
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Charlie Gonzales

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The Goddess Puja is an ancient ceremony. It offers an opening to receive and learn the art of emotional cultivation. It is a meticulous process which employs ritual, non-verbal communication, and Tantric presence to invoke and stir the soul.

The ceremony begins before you even enter the space. It begins with being a Yes to receive. With choosing to participate in a ritual to embody a divine quality. The holding of space to give with your receptivity. Allowing the possibility of receiving without a need to give back, to explain, to minimize or hold off of the emotional experience you have within you.

Too often within our current social structure, especially between the masculine and feminine, there is an unspoken treaty. Give to receive or at least receive and be expected to give back. Tantra teaches us the importance of separating these two energies and brings about the idea that receptivity, practiced in fullness is a tremendous gift you offer the giver. The Tantric teachings tell us that the feeling of immediately needing or feeling we need to give back is a result of us not being able to fully, unabashedly, with no limit – receive. Energetically, we identify with the giver and our energy flows back to that source. We feel we need to give as well. But, if we identify fully with our feminine force, and allow the receptivity to express itself fully, the giver will be fed by their own giving as will we with our own ability to receive.

Your ‘Yes’ for participating in such a ceremony changes you. It is an inner expression, allowing you to shift your focus and slowly take another step towards falling in love with yourself. It is a shift in consciousness that alters your direction from outwards straight in. Falling in love with one self is the foundational experience Tantra is aiming to bring about. It’s not a set of techniques or practices. It has nothing to do with something you need to do or even become. It is a perspective, a way of looking at life through, with and for yourself.

Dressing For Ceremony

The way you choose to dress for a Goddess Puja is a reflection of your own connection to your body. You can choose to dress in a way that will inspire a sense of divinity, of sacredness. Some choose to wear white; others choose colors that bring about a sense of sensuality and a deep desire for life. You are welcome to wear jewelry and bring with you items that will remind you of your inner world.
What matters most is that you dress for you.

Day of Ceremony

Intention and heart are what leads us into ceremony. Take time to relax, time for self care and self love. Do what you can so you don’t rush into ceremonial space. If you can, take time to meditate, to reflect and acknowledge your inner beauty. Practice the art of gratitude and even write down what are you grateful for and what are you wishing to take in with you to heal.

The Goddess Puja Ceremony

The ceremony we hold is an authentic Hindu ceremony. It does not however reflect anything about your religious beliefs or practices. It carries an invitation to drop into an age-old ceremony created with one intention and that is to help you drop into a place of receptivity.

You will be seated in front of a plate with traditional elements of worship and adoration. For example, incense, fire, water, chocolate and lots of rose petals. Each item carries a message; each element has its place and order in this ancient art. Take a moment to take in the colors, the shapes and the particularity of this arrangement.

At this stage, after a ceremonial introduction, a conch will be blown and the sacred space will be opened. A person will sit in front of you, from this moment on, representing the divine masculine. Holding space on behalf of all forms of masculinity in your life. Parents, colleagues, lovers, partners and children. The name or the personality of the person siting in front of you does not really matter. What matters are your receptivity and the symbolism of allowing the divine masculine to give you fully, with no conditions and no expectation to receive.

The masculine side will be guided throughout every step of the ritual. You, however have only one instruction, open and receive. Allow every person who sits in front of you to affect and show you how much can you truly receive.

The Goddess Puja is truly a safe environment. It is not a sexual or even a sensual experience. This ceremony is held as a traditional white Tantra ceremony. Which means the experience revolves around your heart, not your body or intimate relationships. This focus allows us to drop our safeguards and use this opportunity for healing.

What happens within this sacred space cannot truly be described in words. It is an experience. It is a knowing of heart and not the understanding of the mind. If you let it, the Puja will change you. It will heal a place within you that you might have not known existed. Tantra is not a philosophy. It is not interested in giving you more ideas, more terms, more definitions. It is an experiential body of knowledge. It is aimed for you to experience your heart, your soul but definitely not so you’d think about them.

Witnessing The Masculine

As the ceremony takes place, the masculine sitting in front of you will shape shift and transform. The person in front of you will change as you allow the changes to happen within you. For the masculine witnessing feminine receptivity is a profound experience. It is a rare occurrence even between partners of many years. For the feminine, witnessing the deep desire the masculine has to serve and adore the feminine is also a transformative experience. Allow these moments to give you a new perspective. Offer a new paradigm of relating and connecting with the masculine. A different way to relate to and experience your own relationships. Allow yourself to forgive past hurts and open to the possibility of being seen, received, acknowledged and loved just as you are, with no filtering or censorship. When you look into your partner’s eyes in ceremony, allow them to see a side of you they might have never seen. But even more than that, allow yourself to see in the masculine something you might have never looked for.

Closing Ceremony

Once the ceremony is complete, the conch will be blown once again and the sacred space will be closed. Your heart however will remain open. We’ll use this opportunity to share, verbally, between us, so both sides could witness the impact of such ceremonial practice. Once our sharing is complete, the ceremony will be officially over.

Ceremony Begins Day After Ceremony

Experiencing a Goddess Puja changes us. It awakens an understanding that our hearts are capable of much more love, much more connection than we usually allow. In these ceremonies, some of us heal wounds from our past and others open to a new bright and exciting future. But what truly matters is how you take that experience into your daily life. Into your relationships, into your own perception of yourself and your capacity for self-love, for gratitude, for intimacy, for pleasure. Tantra, and this ceremony, are nothing more than a reminder and an invitation. Live fully, love fully. Shine in your miraculous glorious self that you already are. Take and make choices that will empower, support nothing else than your own shining light. You, shining as bright as you possibly can will allow me and everyone else around you to be at our utmost best. To shine right there, next to you.

Kai Karrel

Hi, I’m Kai Karrel, a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium and the Founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts. This website is my personal playground for sharing my ideas, my creativity and my art.

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