The Awakening Process

A three month journey into the inner workings of Your soul.
A mystical invitation to courageously explore who You are willing to become…

The Call of The Mystic

The quantum leap into your most profound state of being.
A year long, personally tailored mentorship program
towards absolute greatness.

The Journey of a Thousand Petals

The Awakening Process is mystically known as the Journey of a Thousand Petals.
It is an invitation to explore uncharted landscapes within one self, to ask questions
and doubt everything of who you know yourself to be.

About Kai Karrel

Kai Karrel is writer, a poet, a mystic, and a practicing medium. In the last few years, Kai has dedicated his attention and focus to the Afro-Brazilian Shamanic teachings and the wisdom of the forest. He is a mystical traveler devoted to the exploration of the unknowable. He travels among native traditions and ancient cultures. In a way he considers himself a traditional light warrior, using the lighter side of his teaching to inspire spiritual growth and self-love. In recent years Kai has been devoting his time to the study of plant medicine and the shamanic modalities of healing and awakening. Studying with master teachers in Brazil and honing his skill as a medium and healer. He has been facilitating hundreds of workshops and retreats all around the world, including the Goddess Puja, a classic white Tantra event which has been his staple event for many years. These days, his main focus is his writing and guiding others through the mystical journey of awakening.



The Journey of a Thousand Petals

The process of awakening and the empowerment of spirit is esoterically called the Journey of a Thousand Petals. This journey of evolution is a journey of recalling our divine mission and understanding the purpose of living a meaningful life. This journey can be seen as a three fold path. Each path relies on the integration of the others. Each road leads back to our source and into wholeness.

Health in the Body

Health in the Body

Though our spiritual journey is perhaps the most important part of our human experience, our embodiment and integration of spirit within matter, often matters even more. Living in relation to our surrounding and exploring the forces of nature around us are an integral part of the spiritual process of evolution. With this clarity, how do we understand the message our bodies has to share?

Peace in the Spirit

It is often said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Our spirit and our soul is the driver within this human vehicle. Living within the realm of spirit is guided by our heart and with a sense of harmony. How do we understand the immense challenge that matter and spirit bring about to our day to day journey. How do we expand our hearts and study the intricacies of a limitless soul?

Love in the Heart

Relating and relationships are a spiritual journey. Our relationships reflect our spiritual growth and our understanding of our own journey within spirit. Most of us lack the tools to communicate, to express and to set healthy boundaries which will support our growth. However, when embarking on this journey with curiosity and guidance, our relationships can be our greatest ally and our greatest gift.

Upcoming Programs

The Call of the Mystic

Will heed the call and embark on a year long mentorship journey that will shake, rattle and transform who and what you thought yourself to be. This program is geared towards serious spiritual seekers only, and involves a willingness to question, to doubt and to commit to deep transformation, in spirit, heart and body. This program is a mystery school in it of itself it is meant to challenge and confront anything and everything you think yourself to be.

The program is scheduled to start in January 2019, applications and inquiries will open this coming December.

The Awakening Process

This program takes us on a journey of transformation, understanding the inner workings of our soul. This is a three months process which involves online webinars within a group setting where I’ll be teaching and guiding us all on a spiritual journey of falling in love with ourselves. Understanding that love is the essence of spiritual transformation and curiosity is the fuel which melts away all resistance.

The program is scheduled to start early 2019.

Mediums at Large – A Shamanic Exploration of Spirit

So many of us are born with emphatic gifts, an unseen connection to other realms of perhaps deeper sensation of others around us. We can’t seem to explain this phenomenon yet experience its effects deeply, often leading to confusion and a sense of estrangement. Our relatives and friends often can’t understand our sensitivities and brush them off with a giggle or a shrug. To understand these gifts, we turn to spiritism and mediumship, vast spiritual schools which explain this phenomenon and help us understand ourselves and the world around us through a spiritual lens. This course is meant to open the doors of consciousness and guide us through this journey with clarity and purpose.

The program is scheduled to start in February 2019.

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Medium Large – Excited Imagination

The journey of mediumship is exciting and exhilarating. We expand our capacity and encounter mystical realms of beauty and infinite wisdom. Availing ourselves to beings of unlimited potential and expanded reach. Availing ourselves means emptying our cup. Becoming a...

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The Force of Completion

For the present to take place, our past has to come to completion. Evolution is a journey onwards. New life is a response to the completion process of death. As we hold on to who we used to be, we limit our creative flow and thus prevent from our future potential to...

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Forca do Hapé

Dedicated to my dearest friend and teacher, Ninawa Pai da Mata Photo Credit to Amir Leron and Rapé or Hapé is a powerful Amazonian based snuff medicine that has been served and utilized for thousands of years. It represents the force of the forest...

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Soft implies hard, deep implies shallow and yes, darkness implies light. Challenge, when observed with proper care is nothing but a form of friction. Friction forms heat. Heat means life. We try to avoid pain, we try to walk away from challenge, and yet, it seems, no...

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The Weapons of the Devil

It is said that in the beginning of time when chaos ruled the land, as vultures roamed the sky a lightening struck the hidden valley of death and formed the trident of eternal misery. Each tongue forged by forces of despair. The first – shame. Colored in neon green...

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Prayer for Releasing Fear

Dear God, hold me in your prayers. Remind me when I forget, and help me forget when all I do is remember. I see how these fears have been running my life and affecting my choices. I wish to be free so I can express more of your beauty. When my fears are by my side,...

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