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Today marks a special day for me, a day I get to recognize my own momentum around my health and eating habits. While living in the ashram, for over 13 years, my body got to deteriorate to such a degree that eventually I had to go for surgery and remove my gall bladder. We ate donated, usually expired foods, at irregular hours and had no time to exercise or take care of our bodies. Years of following that regime brought my physical condition to really challenging one. It took years to reshape and reform the thought patterns and habits needed to regenerate my body from the inside out. The way I eat, exercise and relate to the earth today is a complete transformation. It’s amazing for me to see and realize how all these are so deeply rooted and connected with one another. My relationship to the earth, to the ocean and rivers, to the forests and mountains triggered a deep calling to stay connected. To eat in such a way that my heart and body will be in alignment with my earthly roots. The air I breath, the time I take for silence and introspection, the people I surround myself with, my practice of prayer and devotion. It all goes together.

I want to acknowledge and offer the deepest of gratitude first and foremost to my partner Malaine Snow, because she truly makes it almost too easy for me. She’s an incredible cook, and I simply know that no matter what I find in the fridge, it’s healthy, nutritious and yes — beyond delicious. Being around Malaine is already half the way into health and fitness. She’s my #1 trainer and role model.

Second I want to acknowledge Cassandra Trimarco for years of educating me, mostly with “shock therapy”, showing me horrid films and the consequences of poor dietary choices. Thank you for hours of conversations and always teaching me new things.

Third my dear friend Mindy Baker for being on this boat with me, always changing, always demanding more of ourselves, it is truly amazing where we started and where we are today — and yes! so much more is coming!

I’ve realized, after many attempts, I have one “trick” and I follow (as well as teach) only one form of training – Positive Reenforcement. Being shown where I’m wrong, mistaken, or still behind just doesn’t seem to work for me. When inspired by watching others in their personal journey, when being cheered by my loved ones, I want to go further, ask and demand more of my self. If in so doing, I inspire others — great. But my motivation is always happiness, light and the well being, physical and emotional of everyone involved.

I’m lucky to have really incredible role models all around me (Sandy Hill). But the truth is, they are all around us. Today more than ever, making healthy choices is getting easier and easier. Our collective understanding of the giant corporations and their ill intent, the effects of GMO and other cruel forms of nutrition are no longer a secret. We have so many inspiring movies (Fed Up, Food Inc, etc.), books and forms of education, the question has shifted from what to do or how, into how committed I am and how willing I am to take my part in healing myself, my planet and my brothers and sisters.

I’m deeply inspired to keep going, to make better choices day in day out, to follow my intuition and keep supporting the growth and shine the necessary light to a collective healing of mother earth that has graciously taken us in with infinite boundless forgiveness.

Kai Karrel

Hi, I’m Kai Karrel, a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium and the Founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts. This website is my personal playground for sharing my ideas, my creativity and my art.



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