I am a Man and I have Penis

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Photo Credit ~ Cees Krijnen – Steeplechase

I am a man and I have penis.
we love each other and yes all of Venus.
Yes and indeed he’s my very best friend,
truly our love has no beginning nor end.

He’s that kind of a friend
you wanna sit with by fire
stories, adventures,
he’ll always inspire.

One thing is for certain,
without shadow or doubt
his jokes will forever
just linger and sprout.

Hey, remember that time,
in our youth, in our prime…
Oh so delicious – unforgettable night,
Oh no, I remember – that regrettable sight…

Yes, he does, sometimes, get me in trouble
he just you know, kinda lives in a bubble.
he keeps talking at night,
exaggerating his tales and definitely his height…

Sometimes he’s stubborn,
and even hard headed…
If there’s one thing he hates
its his glory be faded.

Has to be the last one to speak,
sometimes he’s just short sighted and thick…
trust me on that, he just doesn’t get it,
gets full of himself thinking you might just forget it!

Sometimes he thinks he
can run the whole show,
he’s awake and demanding,
in summer in spring and during the snow!

But don’t get me wrong,
he’s incredible, he’s strong.
He brings life, he creates,
he’s not all about just lifting of weights.

He loves to serve and give lots of pleasure,
He loves nothing more than looking for treasure.
Even if he wanted to he can’t hide his excitement,
and he hardly needs any form of incitement.

But you know what,
You all know this already.
Because we, us men,
are usually so loud and so heady.

We made it be known,
in statue and prose,
it’s there in full sight
right in front of your nose.

It’s there, you can see it,
in every direction you’ll look,
in commercials, in movies,
and of course in a book.

Us men… we all thrive
we sing, we dance, by jolly we’re merry,
these intimate friends of ours,
are truly unwary…

But I’ll tell you my secret.
just between me and you,
yes, you guessed it — all men have it too.
(even if some don’t still have a clue…)

I am a man and I have a womb.
and no I can promise, I’m not a witch on a broom.
We are madly in love
there is truly no other I might rather have.

She helps me feel so deeply and true.
she allows me to care without limit or end,
Oh how many times, I can’t even tell you
she helps me decide and not to pretend.

Pretend that I’m tough,
that I’m manly and strong,
pretend that I’m care less,
driven and perfect with nothing like stress.

She loves, she inspires,
she holds the tears of my loves,
she accepts and protects,
she is gentle and caring and smooth as a dove.

She’s forgiving and giving,
she’s beauty and kissing,
without her, in truth,
life’s isn’t worth living.

For me she is home,
she is my missing piece.
It’s her and her genius
that bring my penis to peace.

They listen, they talk,
they smile and they cuddle,
it’s just cause of her
that I so love to snuggle.

I am a man and I have a penis.
I might be from mars and you might be Venus,
I am a man and I have a womb.
because only with both our hearts truly bloom.

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    In true Tantra, not phony tantra, you are both the lingam and the yoni, giving and thrusting and pulsating forth, and receiving, enveloping and throbbing, as we are in intimacy with the Divine.



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