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Real friendship is truly like music.
It is deep and profound it is truly acoustic.
It has no point, no real purpose.
It comes from your depth and onto the surface.

It has high crescendos and deep profound silence.
It cannot be explained by religion or science.
Moments of joy and moments of sadness,
so much feeling in heart, it brings you to madness.

To have friends is nothing more
than your inability to forget or ignore.
To explore in great length,
each friend at their depth.

In being a friend you can hardly be wrong,
It’s truly like being a part of a song.
Your friend in their glory.
is singing your story.

Real friendship is truly an art.
It is learning to trust, to open your heart.
To follow a rhythm and know when to wait,
To follow and lead, to open your gate.

To be a real friend is the language of soul,
It’s knowing when to let go of control.
Real friendship is the purest of sound,
It is truly where silence and love can be found.


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