Plant Medicine

In all of my years of study into the different mystery schools, I have yet to encounter a spiritual path that is as integrated, as holistic and as direct as with study of plant medicines and their supportive traditions. As with other paths that I have studied, I have chosen to deepen my practice and devote myself fully to the exploration of this field in utmost depth. To limit the study of this realm to plant teachers alone will be like studying only a few poses of Yoga, and assume you comprehend the vastness of the Hindu culture. The study of plant medicine is a journey of profound exploration and integration of body, mind, spirit, and soul. While walking this path one is required for utmost courage, sincerity and a lot of perseverance.

The first stage would be to find the right shaman, Pajé or facilitator that truly encompasses not only the know-how of the plants but also the understanding of the therapeutic nature of approaching a spiritu-religious somatic practice. One must approach this journey with utmost sacredness and the willingness to follow through with dedication and study. Coming in contact with the medicine world takes preparation in all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual. It involves dieting, meditation and the willingness to transform in every way imaginable.

Primarily, walking this path means working with entheogens – sacred master plants which are used as a sacrament in a holy ceremony leading to the expansion of consciousness and a deep journey of self-inquiry. Once you partake, in a ceremony, with a master plant, your life will never be the same. Your concepts of reality and the possibility of what you can come in contact with are going to be challenged, expanded and lead you to an endless journey of transformation.

There are infinite ways of exploring these realms. So many types of plants, so many forms of ceremony, so many different facilitators and numerous approaches to accompany you on this journey. In this section, I will attempt to explore and bring out to light the different approaches, different schools and the deeper spiritual practices that accompany the study of this path.

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