An idea is an idea

by | Jun 21, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

Imagine an idea so grandiose.
So inclusive and bizarre.
Imagine an idea,
so vast and oceanic,
So much bigger than you are….

Just feel into an idea,
so magnificent, so partiKu – Laar
Imagine some vowels, more like
Zeeeee Laaaar

Imagine a language so full of and aRR
a lingo, a syntax to sing — here you are!

It is such an idea so perfect in sound
to celebrate you when it was you you just found.

imagine an idea so big and so huge
to rattle your shikeeees o-m-g-ies in your scrooge…

imagine an idea so vast and beyond
it’s so much it’s amazing you can hardly respond.

but then as amazing,
as the whisper at night
an idea is an idea
and it’s you to delight.


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