a United State and a State of Unity

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There is urgency for us living here in the United States, a call for unity, which is  more desperate than it has ever been. Our ‘States’, are not so ‘United’ any more. What we stand for and our ideals seem to have been clouded by a sense of separation. A feeling and a need to defend ourselves and our beloveds. Many live in survival, month to month, aiming for a bit more comfort. We often have to numb our sense of reality just to escape the mundane feeling of existence. We experience moments of happiness, and fleeting flashes of peace. But as a whole, as a nation, we have grown divided.

And I’m not talking about you, per se. You might be doing great. You might have found your calling, your vocation and your family. I’m talking about us. Us as a whole. I’m talking about so many who have grown emotionally/spiritually hungry. There are so many who are spiritually devoid of direction; those who are unemployed, who live in fear, those who experience racism, violence and brutality.

Too many live with no hope, no faith, and probably no belief in any possible change.

I’ve traveled to so many countries and I’ve seen so many places. It pains me that the American stamp of presence, too often looks like a fast food billboard in the middle of the desert. It saddens me that what we teach and are taught is how to strive for a new iPhone or a new car… We have glorified ‘stuff’ and having, and have impacted so many around us to strive for the same. We, as Americans, have a tremendous impact on this planet, more than we allow ourselves to see. We are not better than other nations, we’re not more advanced or more educated, but we are extremely influential.

United, we are a force of change. United, we are a force of inspiration. What we can bring about, and what is possible is truly the revolution that our beloved earth is so craving for.

We have another dream.  Not me, not I, we… We have a dream. A collective dream of a United nation. We dream awake today, and not tomorrow. We dream awake the dissolution of fear and the need for defense. We dream awake the notion that we are not islands, separated and alone. We are awake to needing each other, to the knowing that you and I breathe the same air and drink the same water.

We might have not been created equal, but we should strive, work and act for equality. We have the privilege of giving and supporting one another. Living with and not against, living for and not in spite.

I write today with a full heart of faith. Faith in our brotherhood, sisterhood, our collective spirit. Our election is coming near. Our social media is buzzing with propaganda, slander and memes of inspiration and hope.  On one hand we see a tremendous chasm. We see racism, hate and anger. We see a lot of selfishness and self-centeredness.

Voting, more than ever before is not  just a personal act. It is time to choose and vote with your heart. Do you vote for you, or for us. Do you care for your taxes, your comfort, your own protection, or do you choose to step up, let go of your fear and vote for Us, for a united state of US; where we as a whole come first. May we stand up together, strong in a knowing and a determined will to change what has been and to stop what should not continue?

Will you vote so you can have a better car? A nicer home? Or will you vote for the waters, for the mountains, for the oceans and lakes? Will you vote for clean energy, and clean air? Will you vote so your children and your children’s children will have a chance to see animals outside of a zoo? Will you help revolutionize the paradigm that a government is truly for its people? May we always stand united, for each other, leaving no one behind. What will a better car help when you’ll have no forest to go visit, no ocean to swim in and no birds to sing in peace.

We can no longer live in tiny bubbles of imaginary comfort. We have to stand up. We have to come together and demand change, not from one another, but from ourselves.

I’ve been observing the different candidates, watching and listening to what they inspire, what sense of unity they bring forth. I’m looking for what in their actions, in their words, in their sense of humility brings about a sense of US and not a sense of separation.

I vote for Bernie Sanders. For me the choice is very clear. For me, this is a vote of choice, of empowerment. This is a vote of rising above the sense of me, mine, I. Voting for Sanders means much more than a political statement. It means a commitment to a sense of US. To leaving my comfort zone and choosing to stand firm for my brothers and sisters, for the nature around me, for those who are less privileged, who have no water, who have no employment, who have no pride and sense of community. I vote for Bernie because I see he is bringing us together. I feel the wave of unity he brings and awakens in so many. I feel that voting for Sanders is truly a vote of the people, for the people, and by the people.

I do, personally, have a dream. I dream that the American flag will bring so much pride not just to you, or me but to us all as a country, that inspires change. That we will be a force for good, shaping the earth for the better. That we will leave this planet much better than we have received it. I urge you to vote for us, not just this year, not just tomorrow, but today, in your choices, your actions. In what you say, in what you purchase and whom you choose to support. I urge you to vote with your heart, with your kindness and your warm embrace. I urge you to vote for love, for peace, for a new, united humanity.

Kai Karrel

Hi, I’m Kai Karrel, a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium and the Founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts. This website is my personal playground for sharing my ideas, my creativity and my art.

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