The Wounded Healer

More often than not, I hear the term the ‘Wounded Healer’ used in negative connotations. The term was coined by psychologist Carl Jung in an attempt to describe a phenomenon where physicians, healers and the like choose their profession and careers out of a deep emotional or psychological personal need to cope and heal their own wounding whether they are conscious of those or not.

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Clearly Transparent

For a long period of time, almost 14 years, I devoted myself to a rigorous regime of spiritual practice. I lived in an ashram and studied and practiced the different flavors of spiritual traditions under the ever-judging eye of a supposedly enlightened guru. If there was one thing I was taught, and sadly mastered fully, is the art of deception.

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Mystical Writing

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Mystics are explorers. They use their words to uncover hidden worlds and uncharted lands. Their silence is so profound, it invokes a desire to sing and express their melody through music and prose. Like poets, mystics aren't bound to the gravity of structure and grammar. Unlike the saint, they are...

The Yoniverse – Explained

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I've written about one of the greatest verses in the history of mystical teachings. I quoted Gautama the Buddha, saying that the nature of life, Moksha, enlightenment is found within the Yoni, the vagina. I titled the article the Secrets of the Yoniverse. I was surprised to have so much...

Boundaries are Spiritual

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If you follow any of the traditional, classic spiritual training schools, one of the foundational practices is the attempt to dissolve the personal will. To destroy the illusionary ego. You'll be asked to fade the boundaries of self and dissolve into the will of the whole. In practice this means...

Expecting Expectations

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Our mind is a consequence of duality. It's a by-product that comes into being when observing a non-dual reality through a finite, dualistic instrument. We are born into this world and die right back into it. We know of our limited life span by observing others around us who die...


Sexy Scriptures

Live Satsang with Kai Karrel, describing and explaining how most scriptures and ancient religions truly embrace sexuality and even encourage sexual expression.

How to Date a Conscious Woman

How to approach an empowered conscious woman? How to communicate with her? What does she expect? How do you date a Goddess?

Stealing Awareness

The power of being just exactly you. Some shared thoughts and a story about the journey into yourself-ness. The timeless tale of the Yogi and the thief.

The Art of Adoration

Tantra Puja is a sacred ancient ritual, that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a beautiful ceremony of honoring and adoring the Divine that dwells within.