Nothing to Learn about Nothing

When asked, most spiritual seekers will say that we are here to learn. That we should inquire and learn from our challenges and experiences. Most eastern traditions that teach of reincarnation use learning as the sole purpose for our existence. We learn as a method of evolution. We transcend from one life form to the next. From the mineral to the plant and from the animated life forms, eventually to the most exalted form of consciousness – the human mind and body.

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Now is the New Black

We sign up for a ‘Be Here, Now’ workshop for next month. What do we do in the meantime? We have to hang in there, somewhere between the past and the future, aimless, bored and basically just waiting. Then… the awaited day arrives. We make our way to the retreat and finally, after the first class, where we are invited to notice our incoming and outgoing breaths, we are allowed, given permission, to be right here, and right now. Years of wasted moments are finally coming to fruition.

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How Much Does Your Self Worth Actually Cost  

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It is said that the devil’s weapon of choice is self-doubt. There’s nothing that takes us to hell faster than our sense of unworthiness, our evaluation of not being enough and our fear of being undervalued. Our sense of self is tainted with an endless process of comparison and estimation...

Second Place Takes the Lead

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The mind wants to be number one, to win at everything, and always hold first place. To be the first to explore uncharted lands, to be the first one to witness great wonders. Go on adventurous expeditions to places where no foot has stepped before. We take pride at being...

To Think – To Fast – To Wait

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When Siddhartha was asked, “and you? What can you do?” he replied – “me? -- I can think, I can fast and I can wait.” Most of us can’t really think. We think that we do. But in truth, it’s our thoughts that are thinking us and not so much...


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There has always been confusion around the spiritual, the religious and the mystical. Three currents flowing down the same river. Three rivers leading to the same ocean. The mind attempts to contradict, to evaluate one more than the other. Yet, if try to approach this inquiry with a non-judgmental perspective...


Sexy Scriptures

Live Satsang with Kai Karrel, describing and explaining how most scriptures and ancient religions truly embrace sexuality and even encourage sexual expression.

How to Date a Conscious Woman

How to approach an empowered conscious woman? How to communicate with her? What does she expect? How do you date a Goddess?

Stealing Awareness

The power of being just exactly you. Some shared thoughts and a story about the journey into yourself-ness. The timeless tale of the Yogi and the thief.

The Art of Adoration

Tantra Puja is a sacred ancient ritual, that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a beautiful ceremony of honoring and adoring the Divine that dwells within.