The Force of Completion

The Force of Completion

The Force of Completion

For the present to take place, our past has to come to completion. Evolution is a journey onwards. New life is a response to the completion process of death. As we hold on to who we used to be, we limit our creative flow and thus prevent from our future potential to manifest. We intend and ask for a fresh start while we hold on to our past and our previous limiting beliefs. To truly be here and now, we have to let go of our there and then.

We make resolutions, form new decisions and make new choices but tend to ignore the fact that we are making these supposedly new steps on the foundation of old patterns of thinking and the old structure of our distant and not so distant past. The first principle is to understand karmic hooks. These are un-kept promises, broken vows and doors, which were left open unintentionally or even unconsciously. When we form our connections through codependent tendencies these “leftovers” not only hold us back, but also are the main limiting blocks holding us back from moving onward.

The first step, as with any spiritual journey, is knowing where we’re at. Taking inventory and exploring, without judgments, what are we attached to. What are our lingering karmic hooks. Relationships without closure, debts, promises… there will be areas which will be easier to see and others with blinders and gaps of memory. Those are probably the more important ones that hold us back. There is no big or small when it comes to karmic hooks, the nature of the human mind is so complex and we can’t tell what action, or what hook has altered our path and lead us to where we are today.

And so, as we begin this journey, we will be looking for these energetic pulls. Where does my attention go? Where do I leak energy? If you’re finding it challenging to call in a new supportive relationship, look back. Behind every X there’s a very good Y. Find the why and the X is released. Seeing is freeing. The foundation to change is our the capacity to acknowledge our limitations, our weaknesses and sit quietly with that clarity. Not trying to change it, condemn ourselves or judge, but just witness, see and accept things as they are.

To be able to sit with our whys, we have to let go of the hows. Again, seeing is freeing. Once you are willing to implore your curiosity instead of your judgment the journey can proceed onward. Judgment holds us back; it is a spiraling energy that in most cases will just drag us to self-hate and further contraction. When bringing forth our curiosity we allow a transformation to occur, almost on its own accord. It allows our innate process of healing to begin and understand the past causes that lead to this effect we’re experiencing in this moment.

Once you set this process in motion, your “dirty laundry” will be allowed to come out and play. Suddenly an email from a forgotten friend, a call from an ex, or long hidden memories will start to surface. It can even, in some cases, lead to different forms of physical pain or even disease. That is your body’s gentle way of reminding you that you are holding on to trauma, pain and ignored fear. This is where your discipline and conviction come into play. The old patterning will invite you to forget, move on, ignore and focus elsewhere. Now, your freewill will determine your future. What are you choosing in this new moment? To walk away or walk towards.

However, once again, don’t judge your tendencies, seek to understand. Seek to witness and see your inner processes for what they are. The ego wants to declare and announce, to change over night. It does so only for one reason; it’s not going to work… so in so choosing this plan of action, the ego is actually setting you up for failure. So take things as they come, build one day after the other, allow the process to take its own pace, yet remain focused and clear about where it is you are headed.

Next comes empowered action - completion of karmic debt. Once you see and accept yourself fully, once you acknowledge where you’re at you can choose, out of your free will to take empowered action. Where you can, you’ll go back and start the process of closure. Asking for forgiveness, owning your part in hurting others, exposing your weaknesses and taking responsibility for where things went wrong. However there are situations we can’t go back and fix. People who have passed away, others who are no longer in contact or even willingness to reconnect. Also, there are simply other situations that are no longer within your reach. In those cases we can meditate on the idea of asking for complimentary karma. Which means taking action, which will reverse these hooks indirectly.

When I was eight years old, I stole some Legos from a neighboring kid. Obviously, I can’t find who that was, and even if I could it wouldn’t make sense to send him a new box of Legos today. And so I challenged myself to go to a toy store and buy a set of Legos and give it to the first child I’ll see next. I came out of the store and approached a mother who was standing near by with her little boy. I explained my situation and asked her if she’ll be open to me gifting her boy these Legos. She smiled and agreed and when he unwrapped the box, they were both crying. She explained to me that it was his birthday that day and that since she couldn’t afford buying him what he wanted she had to settle and buy something much smaller in stead. The set of Legos I’ve chosen, was the exact pirate ship set that he truly wanted. Karma complete.

And so, when we trust the force of completion, miracles will happen. The powers that be will be on our side as we step up into integrity and ask to be walking with beauty and come back to harmony. There are many rituals and many ways to clear indirect karma. One is the Albanian ritual of using eggs to cut karmic cords. The other is the prayer of disavowing, which I’ll share at the end of this article. What matters most it the depth of our sincerity and understand how important it is to follow the force of completion wherever it might take us.

You’ll be amazed and surprised that with that clarity, living your life as an open book and holding on to nothing else but your integrity and sense of center will lead to such harmony and such peace. In so doing and in so inquiring you are changing your frequency. You are asking for lessons that will come out of inspiration and not desperation as you have been used to in your past. Life will flow towards you and offer you kindness in return. Only because you decided, out of choice, to flow with the cycle of life. You’re completing your past and inviting an inspiring future.

At this junction manifestation of your desires and will is no longer an act of magic. It is a direct response to a heart, which beats in unison and offers compassion. For you realize that these karmic hooks are not only affecting you, but all those who are involved in their creation. You are taking responsibility and owning your part in the collective hurt. You are now a part of the solution and not furthering confusion and pain.

The last step is proactive awareness about no creating new hooks… clarity around your interactions, setting healthy boundaries, learning to detach and complete new processes of relating and taking responsibility for your words and actions. This part is truly where magic happens. You start to realize how this moment is so crucial for your own development and the healing current of life itself. For this moment, will be tomorrow’s past. Standing in your center and choosing to be aware of this present action will offer you a better tomorrow which is based in harmony and peace.

A Prayer of Disavowing

Dear God, I ask to come to completion and start anew. I ask to disavow any vows I have made without proper awareness or conscious choice. I ask to break any promises, which I made and could not complete. In their stead I ask for guidance and inspiration to untie those ties and find other ways to bring those open currents to their utmost completion and closure.

I ask for divine guidance and assistance so I may complete this process of disavowing and bring myself to a place of center, harmony and truth. If in breaking these vows or promises I might cause hurt or challenge to any of my brothers and sisters I ask that you guide me to do so with kindness, love and compassion. Help me stand in wholeness and integrity and ask for forgiveness.

I ask to redeem my karmic debts and release any bonds, restrictions or limitations I have brought upon myself while not respecting my own vows or being unable to fulfill my promises. I stand responsible for my own actions and ask to come to a place of understanding of my own wounding so this pattern of behavior will shift into one of integrity and truth.

I ask for your help and loving guidance so this prayer will be answered and my truth be known. I speak with sincerity and pray with conviction. As I make this declaration I invoke the trinity flame within my heart; standing firm in calling forth a different reality where I can consciously make future promises and vows with utmost care and awareness.

Dear God, I thank you for your presence and reminding me of the impact my words and actions has on my brothers and sisters. I understand the gravity of living without integrity and not completing what I was called to complete. I use this opportunity to shift my vision and the path I choose to walk on to ones of determination, harmony and utmost truth.

And so it is.

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Kai Karrel is a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium, and the Founder of the Celestial Heart Church. He advocates for the sacramental usage of entheogenic plant medicine in support of spiritual development and the evolution of consciousness. He is also the author of Prayerful Heart, a channeled book of invocations and prayers planned to be published later this year. Kai lives with his beloved wife, Jade, in Tulare, California.