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Dear God, hold my heart and help me breathe. Give me the courage to face this fear and release this anger. Soothe my pain and nourish my soul. Help me see that my heart is greater than my limited perception of who I am and what I can be. Remind me that I’m held and safely guided, remind me that I no longer need to control this situation. Dear God allow me to allow and resist my own resistance. Let me live in harmony and allow my way to be your way. Remind me that things are perfect as they are and that others are only playing their part in the process of my awakening.

Dear angels and messengers of light, show me my beauty and patiently guide me in my moments of impatience and fear. May the fire of my anger turn to a flame of creativity. May my moments of heated passion turn into an eternity of gratitude and peace.

Dear Angels and messengers of light, I no longer wish to be enslaved to the capricious nature of my anger and grief. Please help me dwell on all the good and positive in my life. So that I may remember to live with gratitude and attract more beauty and light.

Dear God, I ask that you help me heal any wounds I have inflicted, with my words and actions, towards others and toward myself. Show me how my frozen heart grows even colder when consumed by the fire of anger and resentment. Remind me of my ability to offer kindness, care and healing to myself and to my brothers and sisters. Dear God, I ask to be held in your loving warmth so I may awaken and let go of my selfish misery. Of my innocent heart, I ask for forgiveness, of my pure soul I ask for compassion.

Anger, fear, resentment and bitterness you are no longer welcome here. I thank you for teaching me and now let us part ways and find our way back home, back to the heart.

So be it.

Kai Karrel

Hi, I’m Kai Karrel, a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium and the Founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts. This website is my personal playground for sharing my ideas, my creativity and my art.


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