Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to be heard, Thank you for listening to my song as a bird. Thank you for having me seen, Thank

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Mystics are Always Wrong

A mystic doesn’t write accurately. Their facts might be completely off mark. To understand mystical writing, you need to understand that a mystic relates to

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Mystical Writing

Mystics are explorers. They use their words to uncover hidden worlds and uncharted lands. Their silence is so profound, it invokes a desire to sing

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Boundaries are Spiritual

If you follow any of the traditional, classic spiritual training schools, one of the foundational practices is the attempt to dissolve the personal will. To

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Expecting Expectations

Our mind is a consequence of duality. It’s a by-product that comes into being when observing a non-dual reality through a finite, dualistic instrument. We

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More Sugar Please!

As we go down the rabbit hole in the pursuit of spiritual awakening, we are often encouraged to explore our shadow. Delve into our vices

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