Angel Heart

Dedicated to my friend and teacher Carioca Freitas in celebration of his 61st Birthday! Thank you for teaching by example and being a source of

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Change Happens

“Kai, I have a question. I’ve been attending and working with personal growth workshops for over twenty years. I’ve shifted my perspective on some things,

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The Goddess Puja

The Goddess Puja is an ancient ceremony. It offers an opening to receive and learn the art of emotional cultivation. It is a meticulous process

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I Witness in Silence

I call upon and invoke the presence of my innocence. Invoking my inner heart and my inner thoughts. Thoughts with no purpose, feelings with no direction. I see and experience myself as a wholesome part of an evolving ocean of consciousness. Winds of change blow and caress my surface, while currents of transformation stir my depth.

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