Prayer for Releasing Anger

Dear God, hold my heart and help me breathe. Give me the courage to face this fear and release this anger. Soothe my pain and nourish my soul. Help me see that my heart is greater than my limited perception of who I am and what I can be. Remind me that I’m held and safely guided, remind me that I no longer need to control this situation.

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Sickness Hapéns

Challenge, pain, sickness, old age and eventually death are a fundamental part of the human journey. No matter how much we try, avoiding this natural progression is not possible, and is not intended. We might be able to skip some of the stages, however, we all know, that at the right place and at the right moment, this life, with all of its beauty and glory will find its end.

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My Singularity Event

A few months ago, so it seems, my astrology has shifted. The stars have chosen to align differently, and I’ve gone through a relation-shift. My cosmos has shrunk and I found myself in the midst of a singularity event. In other words, I became single.

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Invocation for Freedom

I call upon and invoke the presence of my own innocent heart. I declare and affirm my sovereignty and freedom. I choose to walk in

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I Believe in You God

Most of my life God played an important role. We had an interesting, somewhat challenging relationship, literally from day one. God and I were playing hide and seek. When I was young, I believed in his or her existence and believed in the stories I’ve heard. I used to pray late at night and imagine a wondrous haven I used to call – ‘the other side.’ I grew up and with me my beliefs. I no longer believed in the old man in the sky. God was replaced with more sophisticated philosophies.

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