Peace in the Spirit

The journey of a Thousand Petals is the journey of our soul’s awakening. Each step another petal unfolds, with each door that opens, a new layer of harmony, a newfound center of peace. The evolution of our spirit is an endless journey of insight and growth. As we make our steps upon this path we learn to accept ourselves further and further. We learn to understand our ebb and flow and the necessary process of contraction and expansion. We grow in curiosity and learn how to ask the right questions.

Our spirit, though simple in concept is vast and complex. Our soul, though always centered, is found in a constant state of change which at times, can be challenging to experience and follow. Finding peace in our spirit means to understand our tendencies, exploring our inner workings with patience and utmost care. This journey unfolds with courage and determination. Standing in our weaknesses and embracing our pain. Finding the strength to face our darkness with faith and trust our light with equal resolve.

In this section, the focus of my writing is nothing more than a feeble attempt to explore my own psyche. To understand my tendencies and appreciate my virtues and flaws. I share my journey as an invitation to join me on this wondrous journey, to find the courage and to trust the support of our brothers and sisters. I have studied, most of my life, numerous spiritual traditions, and hope that something of my own journey can inspire others as well.

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The Gravity of Gratitude

Understanding the “gravity” of gravity is of utmost importance. Understanding the impact our natural environment has on our spiritual development is one of the first cornerstones for spiritual development. In this article I explore an ancient myth about the formation of our human experience and the battle that was fought between light and darkness in their attempt to overrule our human existence.

“It is said that in the beginning of time a truce was stuck between darkness and light. An agreement was made, honoring both and in respect of free will. Both sides were to choose a force through which to exercise their reign over humanity. A coin was tossed and destiny would have it that darkness was to pick first.”

Medium Large – Excited Imagination

This article explores the importance of studying excited imagination in depth, as an important reminder for practicing mediums in their journey of evolution.

The journey of mediumship is exciting and exhilarating. We expand our capacity and encounter mystical realms of beauty and infinite wisdom. Availing ourselves to beings of unlimited potential and expanded reach. Availing ourselves means emptying our cup. Becoming a hollow vessel for divine light to influence, teach and guide our limited perception of self. In this process of expansion, we have to remain alert and observe our tendencies to relate these experiences to ourselves.” 

Secrets of the Yoniverse

So often, so many spiritual traditions negate our embodied experience as sexual beings. So often, the advised spiritual journey relates to transcending our sexual tendencies and finding that we are nothing but spirit soul and the sexual expression of body should be left behind. This article is my personal take on a single stanza related to oral teachings of Gautama Buddha in relation to the root origin of Enlightenment.

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