Love in the Heart

The essence of the evolutionary journey of awakening is nothing more than love in the heart. Love is the foundation to all of life. The flavor and sweetness of our truest calling. We set in this journey for one reason, and one reason only – to fall in love with ourselves. To accept ourselves fully, to allow the journey to unfold on its own accord. When followed by love’s graceful presence all challenges fade and all pain is released. What looked like an arduous voyage for finding purpose, with love’s embrace becomes an easeful stroll filled with nothing but meaning.

As we fall in love, we find that life accelerates around us. We are taken into a thrilling ride of emotion. So much energy is in motion. Fear, pleasure, excitement, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. It is a natural process; we are digging through our past and finding a new place to plant a new seed. Until this seedling finds its place, we are confronted with lots of conflicting thoughts and feelings. We feel as if we are falling into a vortex of chaos and confusion; thus the term – falling in love. Chaos because love is a natural phenomenon, it cannot be planned or architected, it occurs. Our wounding and our fears are as activated as our joy and enthrallment. However, as we settle and allow the proper care and nourishment to this new seed; we water it with patience and mostly — understanding.

Once it feels safe, it starts to transform. It sprouts, it grows. And then… a new phase begins – we rise in love. We grow roots… we come back to a centered place of stillness. We trust. We allow. From that place, love blossoms… from that place, love deepens. But both phases, are as needed. When you face something real, there will be fear. When you face something of truth, the chaos, which is a natural part of being human, perfectly imperfect, will help you evolve. It is the necessary friction that calls for transformation. And so, accept, witness and allow your blossoming seedling to grow, to expand, to blossom in its own pace. Patiently accepting the natural order of things. While falling remember you will rise again. While rising, aim for the morning stars. I promise you, they will shine even brighter as the dark of night makes its way to your innocent heart.

In this section, my writings are focused on relating. A close friend recently reminded me that life is not only about what we are creating… but that it truly revolves around how we are relating. As cliché as it may sound, the new paradigm of spiritual evolution is the expansion of the me into the we. Enlightenment is no longer a solitary experience. It is not about retiring to a cave in the Himalayas or living in an obscure ashram. We are enlightening… we are evolving together and in so doing empowering each other to our utmost greatness. Compassion is the first symptom of spiritual development; care and love for one another is life’s greatest gift.

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The Gravity of Gratitude

Understanding the “gravity” of gravity is of utmost importance. Understanding the impact our natural environment has on our spiritual development is one of the first cornerstones for spiritual development. In this article I explore an ancient myth about the formation of our human experience and the battle that was fought between light and darkness in their attempt to overrule our human existence.

“It is said that in the beginning of time a truce was stuck between darkness and light. An agreement was made, honoring both and in respect of free will. Both sides were to choose a force through which to exercise their reign over humanity. A coin was tossed and destiny would have it that darkness was to pick first.”

The Relational Gravity of the Sexes

In this article I’m exploring and explaining the relation between gender and vibrational frequency which, once again, is a result of the material influence of being embodied within a planetary system which involves the force of gravity. Expounding on the idea of having a “point of entrance”, a physical locale through which the entry of our soul into a body will determine our gender and sexual identity. Exploring our point of entry and our soul’s choice of gender can give us a deeper understanding of our spiritual journey and the divine mission we have chosen to complete in our present incarnation.

Secrets of the Yoniverse

So often, so many spiritual traditions negate our embodied experience as sexual beings. So often, the advised spiritual journey relates to transcending our sexual tendencies and finding that we are nothing but spirit soul and the sexual expression of body should be left behind. This article is my personal take on a single stanza related to oral teachings of Gautama Buddha in relation to the root origin of Enlightenment.

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