The Art of Adoration – Facilitator Training

May 10-12, 2019

The Art of Adoration and the Tantra Puja are rituals and a deep set of tools intended for facilitators and coaches working in the fields of Tantra, relationships and sexuality. Throughout this weekend we’ll explore the deeper teachings of classical tantra with the direct and practical use within our sessions and client work. We’ll understand the hidden layers of shame and guilt, explore the many tools Tantra provides us for understanding our psyche and releasing trauma stored within the body.

The Tantra Puja

The Tantra Puja is a profound healing ritual for integrating and healing the inner divide between the masculine and feminine. It is a combination of an ancient ritual infused with the years of study I’ve had within the Shamanic traditions. I’ve lead hundreds of these Pujas all around the world and helped thousands of people to find this inner balance, allowing for the process of falling in love with themselves to occur. In all of my years as a facilitator, I’ve never had more impact and more transformation with any other offering I’ve ever had to share. This course is the first time I am training others to share this ritual and carry on this work around the world. We will go through a deep Tantric initiation and study the ritual in utmost depth and utmost care. Those completing this course will be certified Puja facilitators and carriers of the Art of Adoration.

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Tantric Facilitation and Coaching

During this weekend we’ll be covering the necessary tools for offering tantric work. We’ll explore the inner work, us, as healers have to focus on and continuously hone as we study this skill. ‘Healing the Healer’ is an important part of embarking on a Tantric journey as a facilitator. This path, demands utmost integrity and centeredness and requires a deep inner transformation and the willingness to explore our weakness and shadow in an ongoing way. We’ll also study the energetic and shamanic influences of body work and working with clients in such challenging topics which brings about trauma, fears, shame and guilt. Learning to “clean” and maintain our own energetic balance is of utmost importance for doing this work. We’ll study how to cleanse our bodies before, during and after session work; learn and practice sacred mantras and Tantric rituals to empower and uplift and manifest long lasting change for ourselves and our clients.


Who This Training Is For

Trained facilitators, healers or coaches within the field of Relationships, Tantra and Sexuality. Signing up to join us on this journey requires a commitment to actively add the Tantra Puja as a part of your teaching or Healership curriculum. This course is not for beginners walking the Tantric path and requires prior study and work within this field to be accepted to join this program.

Who This Training is Not For

  • Beginners or trainees looking for their own healing at this time, as this course is dedicated for empowering coaches and facilitators and we will mostly focus on studying how to facilitate change for others. Self-healing is covered in this course but it isn’t our main focus.
  • As with any Tantric experience, you are required to take full responsibility for your experience, which includes taking care of your body, being able to express firm boundaries and know your own emotional, physical and spiritual limitation.
  • If you are currently going through a deep healing process, whether with personal coaching or medication we will not accept you to this program as it deals with deep study and might trigger further trauma.

Reasons to Join This Program 

  • Wanting to deepen your own personal practice and add the Tantra Puja ritual to your platform of offerings.
  • Have a certification for offering classic white Tantra rituals.
  • Empower your client session work with deep ritual and healing techniques.
  • Experience a deep healing around your own process within doing this work and learn techniques to manage dense energy and the challenges that come with working with client within this field of study.
  • Join a group of like-minded practitioners and once certified be featured on the Art of Adoration website and be invited to offer the Puja around the world.
  • Study many Tantric techniques and rituals to offer clients and groups.

During This Training You’ll Learn

  • You’ll be initiated into the Art of Adoration and the performance of a Tantra Puja.
  • You’ll be certified as a Tantra Puja facilitator.
  • Learn how to work with dense energies around shame and guilt.
  • Study co-dependency and people pleasing in relation to working with clients.
  • Practice Tantric mantras and rituals for deepening your own healing.
  • Study the use of different plants and elements to be offered in sessions.
  • Understand the hidden layers of Tantric philosophy and its practical uses.
  • Learn how to support couples in their different stages of relating.

What’s included in the Course:

  • Four days of deep study and practice.
  • Certification as a Tantra Puja facilitator.
  • Private online community and resources for members of the Art of Adoration.
  • Three additional live webinar events, one before the course and two after.
  • Accommodations and meals are included with your tuition.

Registration and More Information

Registration and application process for the Art of Adoration facilitators course will open in January, 2019. If you’d like to be informed and receive more information as soon as it is available, fill up the form below.

Thank You for inquiring about this program, We respect your privacy – it’s safe with us.

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