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by | Oct 4, 2014 | Freedom, Self, Teachings | 2 comments

For the past month or so, I’ve experimented with expressing in many different ways how amazing I am. Dropping any social expectation of humility or self denial/control. I wanted to see what will that invoke in others. Wanted to explore the places in me that might seek approval, attention or recognition. Places in me that are fearful or holding on to some kind of self image or a way I wish to be seen or perceived.

What an amazing ride. I got so many responses. Some loving and encouraging, but many so upset, so disappointed, sharing with me that I have abandoned my “teaching”, got full of my self or even other — more colorful descriptions.

I got to learn how difficult it is for us to say, to ourselves, that we are magnificent. That we are miraculous, that we are — amazing. It brings up so much guilt, shame, fear. It stirs up so much judgement and comparison. As if one flowers beauty has to immediately take from another’s. One flavor of ice cream has to be the best, taking the deliciousness of all others away.
This realization brought forth a deeper metaphysical reality, our innate fear of recognizing our own divinity. Of acknowledging, saying, singing with our hearts that we are god/dess. We are the one, whole and complete. We tend to focus on the shadow, failing to recognize our shadow only imply that we are light.


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    I think you are magnificent, and so am I. Why would I be apologetic regarding God’s handiwork?

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      You’re absolutely right!


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