The wHoly Trinity

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Religion is concerned with preserving the old.
Spirituality is dealing with embracing the new.
Mysticism gifts the the present in all color and hue.

Religion is based on a belief in something you don’t know.
Spirituality is the attempt to go with the flow.
Mysticism is knowing that you do not know right from wrong and high from low.

Religion cares that you will not forget,
that you’ll work hard and definitely sweat,
Spirituality wants you to awake and remember, to get your feet wet.
Mysticism is the choice to remember that you chose to forget,
that this is exactly what you wanted to get.

Religion has rules and needs you to bow,
Spirituality is found on the premise of how,
Mysticism occurs, happens. It’s between there to here and then to now.

Religion is nothing but the rights and the wrongs,
Spirituality is mantras and postures, bells and some bowls,
Mysticism is both and neither it just has no goals.

The religious advocate has to be just,
The spiritual enthusiast – practice they must.
The mystic just is, they are nothing but trust.

They flow and they follow,
The world they can swallow.
Nothing is deep nor empty or shallow.

And yet all three are sisters in blood,
a lotus flower emerging from mud.
In the eyes of the the whole – a blossoming bud.

The past and the present walk in their midst,
the future does follow, it cannot resist.
With love and gratitude all three coexist.


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