This Morning… Today

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Weekend of May 23

A fresh morning, bright and warm.
two masters are joining magic to perform.

They walk in nature,
stillness to nurture.

They sit in silence
an empowered alliance.

A tea ceremony is most profound.
every motion, every step, every song that is sung.

They sip and pray,
it’s music they play.

Sharing their gifts,
as the air quickly shifts.

Two masters joined in heart,
shaking the universe from end to start.

Each in turn sharing their wisdom,
they open the doors to god’s holy kingdom.

A transmission of light
a deep spiritual rite.

An alter of blessing,
and no second guessing.

Two awakened and whole spiritual masters,
so many questions and so many answers.

Nature halted to listen and see
Humming birds flocking to partake and be free.

They parted with gifts of music and prayer
tools of the trade what an incredible pair.

Until we rejoin, my dearest of friend,
my love to you I will always extend.

Dedicated to my dear friend,  Joad Puttermilech.


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