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The Wounded Healer

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More often than not, I hear the term the ‘Wounded Healer’ used in negative connotations. The term was coined by psychologist Carl Jung in an attempt to describe a phenomenon where physicians, healers and the like choose their profession and careers out of a deep emotional or psychological personal need to...
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Meditate a Woman

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So often meditation is considered a practice. Something you’re ought to do while walking a spiritual path. Something you should be practicing daily. But meditation is a feminine phenomenon. It can’t be approached with a masculine attitude. Meditation is something you can only invite. Court. Wait for. Not enforce or...
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The wHoly Trinity

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Religion is concerned with preserving the old. Spirituality is dealing with embracing the new. Mysticism gifts the the present in all color and hue. Religion is based on a belief in something you don’t know. Spirituality is the attempt to go with the flow. Mysticism is knowing that you do…

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