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His teachings were passed down orally, what in Sanskrit is called Shruti – that which is heard. His disciples were physically present, taking down, remembering and writing his pearls of wisdom. Stringing his words as beads on thread, in Sanskrit – Sutras. In a way, Shruti, oral transmission is considered interpretive. Because it is wisdom which is filtered through the mind and the understanding of the listener. The great Shakyamuni wanted to ensure that one message would not be left for interpretation.

He knew that in the course of time, him, his message; his teachings will be forgotten and turned into a religious belief. A method of dos and do nots. Of rights and wrongs. Of righteous acts and wrong doings. There was one point he wanted to make. One single focused teaching he wanted to leave behind. And thus, the great Rishi, seer, has decided to write this one verse down. To ensure it is left impressed into the paper with black, un-faded, non-interpreted ink.

Those who were present to the moment of writing this verse would tell this tale for years to come. Thousands were assembled to witness this divine moment. The… with capital T and in bold letters Teaching of the greatest of teachers, the chosen one, the enlightened master, the greatest mystic that has ever lived. Shakyamuni Gautama the Buddha. They tell a tale of great storms appearing from nowhere, thunders and lightening but no rain. Hauling wind and tornados of sand. Restless howls and cries of animals coming from every direction. Anxious birds flying above, jackals and hyenas laughing in fear. But the Buddha was absolutely silent. His face shining like a full moon, his golden skin shimmering like molten volcano. As he lifted the brush, approaching the hard-pressed paper, a solemn tear made its way down his majestic face.

Letter by letter, as slow and as conscious as the creation of life itself, as if each word is an evolution in the making. The great One has offered the world the essence of his entire wisdom. The diamond in the rough, the most profound of all profundities. The pinnacle of spiritual wisdom.

Buddhatvam Yosit-yoni-samasritam
Buddha Nature is Found in the Vagina.

And yes, he wrote Yoni — vagina. He did not intend to write within or inside, as many translators try to proclaim and avoid the exact meaning of this magnificent verse.

It is truly a profound mystical statement. Written and handed down by the greatest enlightened being that has ever graced this planet with the imprint of their soul. The Buddha offered an insight into one of our greatest fears and our greatest challenge. The conflict between the One and the Two. The profound and the profane. Between spirit and matter. Matter, Buddha states here, matters. Life is not a reality to transcend. God, enlightenment cannot be found out of fear. You cannot escape into God, into your divine nature.

Sexuality and sexual union hold the key to unlock the door to the mystery of life. All religions and all spiritual traditions draw a map back to Oneness. Into the All that Is. A single, cohesive experience of everything. Allah Hu Akbar – God is great prays the prophet, so great it includes everything. Adonai Ehad – God is one, cries the devout mystic. Aham Brahmasmi – I am one with Brahma, one with everything. That is your birthright, your natural state of being say the scriptures. Your primordial reality.

But if that is so… If my origin is oneness, a complete whole, then how come I experience lack? Emptiness? Duality? If all I see is I and thou, how can I return to this miraculous state of bliss and fullness? How can I find my way back home, to the all knowing, all pervading one? In other words, how can I escape this life of suffering, of need and desire? How can I stop this challenging daily routine as I wait, day in day out only to eventually die and suffer my own ending?

In his brilliance, Gautama Shakyamuni the Buddha said all that needs saying. You, in your miraculous and infinite power, created this magnificent dream, illusion where for a short and brief period of time you can enjoy yourself by forgetting who you really are. You can let go of your oneness and celebrate yourself in separation. It is a miraculous act because in truth there is nothing here other than you. If you tell yourself using your own mouth and your own voice “I love you” it’s not really exciting. Feeling your own hand caressing your face might be pleasurable, but you know… well… fine… but it’s not that exciting. ‘How can I truly feel?’ you’ve asked. ‘How can I make this even better.’ Since being one with everything actually implies there is absolute boredom. No movement at all. You are your body, the space around it, all and nothing. There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do. This state of enlightenment so many crave so deeply, lacks any excitement, any thrill. Yes you’ll have no pain, but no pleasure either. No one to impress and nothing to express. There will be no art, because you are the instrument, the player, the silence, the music and the audience all in one. In other words to be one with everything is as boring as hell.

God, in Hebrew, is called Melech Malchei Hamelachim – The King of Kings of All Kings. If we attain this state of oneness, return to kingdom come and receive the praise in our heavenly glory, one thing is certain. There is only one requirement for you to be king. You need a kingdom. You need at least, at least, at — least – one citizen. One tiny tiny bity citizen. That citizen implies a kingdom. A kingdom implies… a King. The one implies the other. The other… implies self. You cannot be yourself without having an other. As you ruled your kingdom all alone up there on the throne of thrones, you realized how can my will be done if I have no citizens to uphold my ruling? To receive my opulence? No one for me to take care of. No one to love and bestow my blessings upon.

And thus, in your grandeur and infinite grace you have chosen the greatest of dreams. A dream where the one can choose to become two. To utterly forget your sovereignty and form a vast infinite kingdom where you and yours, where I and thou can celebrate divine separation and in turn explore, experience and delight in divine union.

The act of making love, of sexual union upholds this notion in its purest of forms. The two in a futile attempt to become one. Enjoying the deepest possible pleasure the reminder of being two, separate, in a divine dance between the one and the other. Merging in spirit, separated in flesh. The one choosing the two. Two celebrating the one.

‘Achintya Bheda Abheda Tatva’, says Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the greatest Krishna devotee of all times. The inconceivable truth of different and non-different. In other words, this and that – together. One and Two in the same time. Whole and complete, yet lacking and separate. Perfectly imperfect, profanely profound.

Buddhatvam Yosit-yoni-samasritam
Buddha Nature is Found in the Vagina.

Shakyamuni Gautama the Buddha offers nothing than one teaching. Do not escape your human nature. Do not fret your desires and needs. Your challenges are here to be sung, celebrated and glorified. Being two, being an other, is all you ever wanted. It your wish and in that your greatest power.


For a slightly different perspective, visit: I am a Man and I have a Penis. A poem I have written a while ago offering an in depth expression of the masculine inner working.



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