Shooting Star

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Tribute | 0 comments

Yesterday we all witnessed a shooting star.
The kind that makes you feel alive inside.
Makes you feel the thrill and wonder in life.

Robin Williams was one of a kind.
His deep blue eyes telling tales of infinite story.
His voice offering an ocean of laughter.

We’ve been touched so many times by his brilliance.
Characters brought into life, dreams brought into reality.
Ideas into fruition and song brought into dance.

You will be remembered Robin,
for you have helped mankind be kinder,
helped humanity remember it is humane.

We are all but actors on this fabulous stage called life,
Some act out drama, others comedy,
but it is in the heart of your audience where your glory is found.

You, Robin Williams, will always be in our hearts,
Held in our prayers, in our vision,
Remembered with a deep smile and a hearty laugh.


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