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Dear God, hold me in your prayers. Remind me when I forget, and help me forget when all I do is remember. I see how these fears have been running my life and affecting my choices. I wish to be free so I can express more of your beauty. When my fears are by my side, darkness seems to follow. When my fears are present my heart seems to fade away. I ask for a torch of faith, a flame of eternal gratitude. I ask to awaken and see my fears for what they truly are. Please hear my prayer and know my innocent heart, I no longer wish to befriend these treacherous tendencies and entertain these drowning thoughts.

I call upon you my heart, the I AM presence within me and within all. I call upon you to reign supreme. I ask that my mind be cleansed from these debilitating forces. I ask that my truest nature shine above all. I seek the soothing balm of your Divine intervention. For within me lies the key to seeing beyond my own limitations. For within me, all doors to my hidden treasure are found. I call upon you my sacred soul, awaken and show me my greatness. I call upon you to soar above my smallness and fear.

Dear guardian angels and cosmic beings of light, shine my path for me so I may find my harbor within these stormy seas. I ask that you’d be my standing rock, sheltering me from these winds of pain. I ask that you hold me when I’m scared so I can take refuge under your golden wings of peace. Remind me of my strength and prove my words forever true.

Dear powers of wisdom, spirits of awakening and song, bring back the harmony to my trembling mind. I know the stillness of your presence and the silence of your melodious embrace.  Give me the clarity to see and to know. The faith to walk on and understand my place within this love. I ask to be received and to accept, to allow and to forgive.

Dear God, take this fear from me and replace it with compassion. Let my wavering thoughts turn into tears and torrents of devotion and faith. I ask to embody the eternity of my nature and personify your love. For within your love I am always safe, you are my shepherd and in you, I find my peace.

Fear, anxiety, apathy and apprehension you are no longer welcome here. I thank you for teaching me and now, let us part ways and find out way back home, back to our heart.

Kai Karrel

Hi, I’m Kai Karrel, a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium and the Founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts. This website is my personal playground for sharing my ideas, my creativity and my art.



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