Much to Say about Nothing

For someone who teaches about nothing… I definitely have much to say.

And so… again I will try. Because that’s what mystics do, we just have to ask why.
We try, again and again to describe what keeps us awake, we try to describe the indescribable ache.
We know… it is pointless. The tail of a snake, or painting by a fire the perfect snowflake…
And yet… we must. It’s somewhat of an obsession, we just get tangled in asking the question.
That something we’re after is so close and elusive, the furthest you’ll get from being conclusive.

Writing for me is a deep passion. It’s like the sprout aching to reach the sun. For me, words are colors on the palette of my soul’s expression. We relate to one another. We have our sacred dance, a secret love affair. We wake each other at night, for a sweet embrace, for another poem to meet the soothing air of night. I write, therefore I listen. I am, therefore I write.

All Rise for the Honorable Judge

We treat judges with respect, we pride ourselves with being good judges of character. Judging and judgment it seems, is held as a virtue, as a valuable profession to be embraced. However, living in judgment is actually carrying quite a severe sentence. We know not to...

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My Singularity Event

A few months ago, so it seems, my astrology has shifted. The stars have chosen to align differently, and I’ve gone through a relation-shift. My cosmos has shrunk and I found myself in the midst of a singularity event. In other words, I became single. I’m single, that...

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Invocation for Freedom

I call upon and invoke the presence of my own innocent heart. I declare and affirm my sovereignty and freedom. I choose to walk in the light and refuse to hide in the shadow. I no longer give permission to mocking spirits and hungry ghosts to govern my actions, my...

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I Believe in You God

Most of my life God played an important role. We had an interesting, somewhat challenging relationship, literally from day one. God and I were playing hide and seek. When I was young, I believed in his or her existence and believed in the stories I’ve heard. I used to...

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Angel Heart

Dedicated to my friend and teacher Carioca Freitas in celebration of his 61st Birthday! Thank you for teaching by example and being a source of inspiration to so many. Viva PoimPoim! Walking the path of spirit, choosing to embrace our darkness and light as we...

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Change Happens

"Kai, I have a question. I've been attending and working with personal growth workshops for over twenty years. I've shifted my perspective on some things, healed emotional charge on other things, come to acceptance of people and their way of being... (Am still...

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Ayahuasca – The Lighter Side of Darkness

I’ve often heard the concept of darkness, evil entities and dark shamanic practices within the realm of medicine work and especially when relating to Ayahuasca. There is a common misconception that when taking Ayahuasca as a sacrament we open a gateway to the astral...

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Ayahuasca – The Resurrection

There are many ways to sit with mother Ayahuasca. There are ceremonies of light and ceremonies of darkness. Circles of singing and circles of silence. Religious ceremonies and those of just dancing and happiness. In many ceremonies though, the theme of death and...

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