Life is an Art

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

Can life change absolutely
one hundred percently?
In the most profound
And unexpected sound?

In a song, a dance, such rhythm
A cup of tea and a colorful prism
A connection so profound
It humbles and pulls you into the ground

Such insight, incredible treasure
Knowing of suchness beyond any measure
A wave of gratitude that shakes your being
That reminds you how precious it is to be living

Awake and alive
Full of power and drive
Whole and complete
I have taken my seat

In awe and in wonder
As I’m holding my thunder
Playing my flute
my smile at this stage, is almost too cute

It’s time to forget
To get my lips wet
To drop into my heart
And fully embrace my life as an art.


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