Full of My Self

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Poetry, Self, Teachings | 0 comments

So many times I hear people say I’m full of myself.
And to be fully honest, it’s true.
I am, I am full of self.

Sometimes self acceptance.
Sometimes self doubt.
I have deep moments of self realization,
and profound experiences of self love.

In moments of winter, there is self hatred,
In moments of despair, self denial.

When I’m enthusiastic lots of self esteem,
When I’m scared — self defense.

I had moments of self destruction,
and others of self-indulgence.

I have days I feel my self-importance,
and others where my negativity is self-fulfilling.

I try to live with self respect,
Though I’m definitely not self-righteous.

I can definitely say I’m self-taught,
and with all of this, aware of my self-worth.

But most of the time,
I’m just true to my path,

Following my heart,
just being me, being myself.


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