Standing with Standing Rock

An Appeal to the Celestial Court
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We call upon and invoke the presence of Archangel Michael, in this hour of our greatest need. We ask and we present this appeal to be received and acknowledged by all the Divine beings of the Celestial Court. We ask to be seen for the glorious hearts of women and men, of winged ones and four legged. We appeal and demand that these sacred waters be kept holy.

We ask to be received in prayer for peace and resolution. We will not allow the loss of life in any form, we will not submit to acts of violence and hatred. We appeal to the collective womb and the united heart of our Mother Earth to influence and bring these soldiers into dignity. To give them strength to follow their heart and stand down. If fight you must, fight for our children, fight for this land, fight for these waters. Do not turn your back and fall into fear.

We call upon and invoke the presence of Oxum, Goddess of sweet waters. Help us, forgive us, for they know not what they are doing. Please, we beg of you, wash their emotions, wash their pained and hurting hearts. Take us into your cleansing rivers and let us be baptized in your brilliance and grace. Let this collective guilt, united pain and joint suffering come to an end. Wash over our emotions, wash over out hearts.

We call upon and invoke the presence of the Blue Flame and the sword of Truth held by Archangel Michael and the legions of light — eradicate these fears, banish these mocking spirits and hungry ghosts, we, the sons and daughters of Mother Earth stand united and firm. We need not exploit this earth nor each other. We are ready to let go of power, of comfort and convenience which is not sustainable to our beloved planet. We will no longer support structures who defy the unifying force of love and harmony.

We appeal to the governmental powers and the residing President of this great nation, hear our cry! Hear our despair, lead us into faith and allow us to find renewed trust. We need an example. We need to be shown and reminded why should we support your supreme reign over us? Why should we support these machines of mass destruction?! We appeal to the human force that is found within your heart – come back, return to spirit, return to the light. We need you. Now, more than ever. We would like to be led but led into light, into peace, into harmony, into sisterhood, and into brotherhood, into nature and into life.

We call upon and invoke the presence and guidance of Archangel Raphael to perform a miracle and heal all those who are praying, all those who are in pain, all those who have lost and all those who seek to be found. We pray to you Archangel Raphael heal us, hear our plea, we call for a Divine Intervention, we give permission and ask to be healed, to be consoled, to be forgiven. Heal our Mother Earth, heal all the divine beings who are our guardians, in charge of all forces of nature.

We call upon and invoke the presence of our own innocent hearts – awaken! Awaken! Stand firm and declare – I choose light! I choose freedom! I choose the sacredness of life and waters. I am a Native American; I stand for this land as it has stood for me. I am my mother’s son, I am my mother’s daughter, my drum beats with the Buffalo, my flute prays with the wind. I give to the well of life and bless with gratitude all that is offered before me. I am innocent, and my heart is pure, as pure as water.

Birds of Feather Unite!
Wolf Tribe step forward!
Eagle Clan give us perspective,
Queen of the Forest,
Spirits of the land and sea,
Guardians of our sacred Mother Earth stand firm and fight!

We Stand Firm and Publicly declare We Stand for Standing Rock!

Kai Karrel

Hi, I’m Kai Karrel, a spiritual teacher, a practicing medium and the Founder of the Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts. This website is my personal playground for sharing my ideas, my creativity and my art.

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