The Goddess Puja

The Goddess Puja is an ancient ceremony. It offers an opening to receive and learn the art of emotional cultivation. It is a meticulous process

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I Witness in Silence

I call upon and invoke the presence of my innocence. Invoking my inner heart and my inner thoughts. Thoughts with no purpose, feelings with no direction. I see and experience myself as a wholesome part of an evolving ocean of consciousness. Winds of change blow and caress my surface, while currents of transformation stir my depth.

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In Doubt We Trust

Often, in walking a spiritual path, we feel discouraged, fearful or scared. There are so many what ifs. So many moments of uncertainty. In facing

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The State of Awakening

For millennia enlightenment was related to as a coveted state of being. It was somewhat considered to be winning the “galactic spiritual lottery”. It’s a

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