Much to Say about Nothing

For someone who teaches about nothing… I definitely have much to say.

And so… again I will try. Because that’s what mystics do, we just have to ask why.
We try, again and again to describe what keeps us awake, we try to describe the indescribable ache.
We know… it is pointless. The tail of a snake, or painting by a fire the perfect snowflake…
And yet… we must. It’s somewhat of an obsession, we just get tangled in asking the question.
That something we’re after is so close and elusive, the furthest you’ll get from being conclusive.

Writing for me is a deep passion. It’s like the sprout aching to reach the sun. For me, words are colors on the palette of my soul’s expression. We relate to one another. We have our sacred dance, a secret love affair. We wake each other at night, for a sweet embrace, for another poem to meet the soothing air of night. I write, therefore I listen. I am, therefore I write.

Medium Large – Excited Imagination

The journey of mediumship is exciting and exhilarating. We expand our capacity and encounter mystical realms of beauty and infinite wisdom. Availing ourselves to beings of unlimited potential and expanded reach. Availing ourselves means emptying our cup. Becoming a...

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The Force of Completion

For the present to take place, our past has to come to completion. Evolution is a journey onwards. New life is a response to the completion process of death. As we hold on to who we used to be, we limit our creative flow and thus prevent from our future potential to...

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Forca do Hapé

Dedicated to my dearest friend and teacher, Ninawa Pai da Mata Photo Credit to Amir Leron and Rapé or Hapé is a powerful Amazonian based snuff medicine that has been served and utilized for thousands of years. It represents the force of the forest...

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Soft implies hard, deep implies shallow and yes, darkness implies light. Challenge, when observed with proper care is nothing but a form of friction. Friction forms heat. Heat means life. We try to avoid pain, we try to walk away from challenge, and yet, it seems, no...

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The Weapons of the Devil

It is said that in the beginning of time when chaos ruled the land, as vultures roamed the sky a lightening struck the hidden valley of death and formed the trident of eternal misery. Each tongue forged by forces of despair. The first – shame. Colored in neon green...

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Prayer for Releasing Fear

Dear God, hold me in your prayers. Remind me when I forget, and help me forget when all I do is remember. I see how these fears have been running my life and affecting my choices. I wish to be free so I can express more of your beauty. When my fears are by my side,...

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Prayer for Releasing Anger

Dear God, hold my heart and help me breathe. Give me the courage to face this fear and release this anger. Soothe my pain and nourish my soul. Help me see that my heart is greater than my limited perception of who I am and what I can be. Remind me that I’m held and...

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Sickness Hapéns

Dedicated to my dearest friend and teacher, Runa Zarka Photo Credit to Amir Leron and Somewhat reluctant, I make my way and sit in front of her. She is serene, centered, peaceful and quiet. She hears me approach and opens her eyes, nodding in...

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All Rise for the Honorable Judge

We treat judges with respect, we pride ourselves with being good judges of character. Judging and judgment it seems, is held as a virtue, as a valuable profession to be embraced. However, living in judgment is actually carrying quite a severe sentence. We know not to...

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