Nice to Meet You!

I'm Kai Karrel

A mystic, a medicine carrier, a practicing medium and a passionate writer who strives to help people fall in love with themselves. My life has been a mythical story of devotion and awakening, a journey into the ends of the universe and the inner most depth of my heart.

I am enthusiastic about helping others walk the journey of a thousand petals – a journey towards self acceptance and the discovery of self love.

This is a little bit of my story.

From a very early age, for an unexplained reason, I had this tremendous pull towards mysticism and the unexplained. Anything spiritual would catch my eye. Whether it would be watching ‘Kung Fu’ starring David Carradine, or reading the thrilling tales of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. I will never forget the profound impact reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse had on my life. I couldn’t stop reading and the hunger for more only kept on growing.

My thirst for deeper understanding of the spiritual could not be quenched. No matter how much I tried and what modality I’ve practiced, nothing seemed to satisfy my inner longing to the divine.

This hunger lead me to the greatest choice and the biggest mistake I have ever made. I decided at the age of twenty to join an ashram, dedicating myself whole heartily to the practice of spiritual life. It was an incredible choice because living in this ashram for over thirteen years lead me to study in profound depth many different religions, traditions, and spiritual modalities. In those years I deeply studied the paths of Hinduism and Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism and the works of numerous masters. It was however, my biggest mistake, because what started as a loving group, dedicated to the study of meditation and divinity, quickly turned into a destructive cult, lead by a false, self-proclaimed guru, which had controlled me and my freedom for most of those thirteen years.

Words cannot describe the pain and agony I had to endure in those years. Humiliation and abuse, all in the name of destroying the ego, attempting to lead it to its disappearance. I failed to see in those days, the destructive nature of this school, and even more so, the pathological state of my, then, so-called guru. It took many years and a lot of suffering to finally find the courage to escape his grip and leave the cult. That choice, was once again, the greatest choice I have ever taken and the single most important decision I have ever taken in this life.

I then started realizing the profound perspective this horrific experience has given me. The ability to understand the nature of freedom, and multitude of ways the mind is masking the truth with codependency, fears and various wounding. Living in captivity for so many years, also awakened me to a sense of awe and immense gratitude to freedom and life, an awakening I doubt I could experience without living through such challenge. I learned, in my bones, how a fake teacher looks like, and in opposition to what I saw in him, how to compassionately support people  and help them in this journey of self love, which has now become the central focus of my life.


T he next stage of my life was mostly dedicated to my personal studies and sharing all that I have learned and experienced of the eastern traditions. I’ve lead hundreds of workshops and retreats, guiding others in different modalities on the journey of awakening. Yet, the most important next step was stepping on the path of plant medicine. For the first time in my life, I have accessed a place of clarity I had never experienced before. A knowing I have found my truest calling and was lead to this path as a continuation of everything else I’ve experienced before. The most important factor about the work with the plants is the fact you are facing direct experience of divinity, without any mediation, teachers, gurus, or external influence. You, and you alone are facing the most intimate relationship to the Divine that I myself have ever experienced. The journey within and the discovery of  our selves that occurs within this path are undeniable. It is the most profound esoteric and all inclusive spiritual practice I have come across in all of my years of study.

As I started this journey I was mostly introduced to ceremonies lead in a Peruvian style, happening mostly in the dark, involving singing to the plants and animals of the forest. I would experience a vast landscape of internal visions which will lead to profound healing and an ever deeper sense of awe. However, quite early on, my experience did not seem to match the facilitation style. I would shake uncontrollably, my hands would move and the inner vision matched more of an angelic scene rather than a visit to the jungle as the songs and icaros sung would indicate. I encountered angelic spirits, Queens and Kings, and a highly evolved order which just didn’t feel in alignment with what the circle was about. After a few years of this specific study, I met with the Santo Daime – an Afro-Brazilian Catholic church originating in Brazil which would change my experience of this path forever.

The Brazilian style and the content of the work was in absolute harmony with my own inner world of experience. The spiritu-religious content of the ceremony was a perfect match to my own vibration within this path. I soon became initiated into the mysteries of this school and kept expanding upon this body of wisdom. Santo Daime studies the depth of Mediumship – the access, understanding and interaction with the world of spirit.

My uncontrollable shaking was put into context and I could understand the inner landscape of partaking in this ceremony more than ever before. The path ahead was leading me to study mediumship even more than any field of study I have ever chosen. Being now able to navigate this uncharted land, understanding the world of spirit and ever growing within my own process of evolution and healing.

At a certain moment I was called to begin and facilitate my own works. Which would lead to the founding of Celestial Heart, an esoteric school for the study of mediumship and Spiritism within the context of the study of plant medicine and the expansion of consciousness.

Celestial Heart was developed as grounds for self expression and the study into the esoteric mysteries of mediumship, focusing on the understanding that the study of plant medicine leads first and foremost to the exploration of self and the journey towards self love. With the creation of Celestial Heart, and the need to offer greater depth, I felt called to deepen my personal development in this field and begun extensive training.

For the past few years, I have been frequently studying with a few different traditions, mostly in Brazil, where my primary school of study is Arca da Montanha Azul, an interfaith church and a school of esoteric studies, lead by Philippe Bandeira de Mello who is by far one of the most profound teachers of consciousness I have met in my life. Celestial Heart is greatly influenced by the work in Arca and is carrying its message.

Though all I do, teach and facilitate is primarily in the service of guiding others in the journey of self love, my work, these days, is divided into two parts. The study of self, which includes relationships and personal growth and the esoteric study of mediumship which I’ve been expanding on with Celestial Heart and the newly formed ‘Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts‘.

One side of my work is dedicated to events, workshops and classes, teaching how to understand our innate mechanisms – our patterns, our mind and heart, our ability and challenges around connection, intimacy and relationships. The other, revolves around the esoteric studies of the world of spirit and the exploration of the astral realms, with and without the assistance of plant medicine.

I’ve found that the most important part of living a fulfilled, happy life, is walking the journey of self-love. It’s not that self-love is an end goal or a destination, but learning to walk this journey brings meaning to life and a certain flavor that allows us to tackle life’s numerous challenges with a deeper sense of understanding. And so – how can I be of service to you? how can we connect further?

I offer much of my work here, in my blog, and through the various social networks and in the monthly newsletter which you can join bellow. I also offer one on one mentorship programs, and in the process of launching two online programs. The first is ‘Self Love, the Missing Manual‘ which is dedicated to the journey of self acceptance and the other, ‘Mediums at Large‘ which is part of the Esoteric School of Shamanic Arts and guides participants in the development of their mediumship and understanding further the influence of the world of Spirit. I also take groups to Brazil and Peru for medicine retreats which are truly life changing.
To learn more about either one of these offerings, visit the links bellow.

Looking forward to connecting more,
In love, for love, with love,
~ Kai